A sustainable future for Dulwich Hamlet Football Club...

The following statement in regards to the proposed development of the Champion Hill site has been agreed by all members of the committee.

"Dulwich Hamlet Football Club Committee fully supports the principle of the club being relocated to a new stadium on the site identified by our owners, Hadley Property Group. The Football Club Committee believes that without these plans coming to fruition that Dulwich Hamlet Football Club will never become a viable business. This will leave it always having to rely on the goodwill of its owners/investors for its continued survival. Without this financial input the club will be unsustainable at its current level and face a future that will see it decline in importance.

The club urges all fans to communicate their support for a new stadium.

The Committee expects that all of its members will communicate their support for a new stadium whenever they are requested to express their opinion on potential development.

The Committee fully supports the concept of supporter ownership of Dulwich Hamlet Football Club through a suitably agreed vehicle that represents the best interests of the club."

For information about Hadley Properties plans please click here